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Specialists in stainless steel foodservice equipment design & ventilation fabrication.  Having continuous business investment keeps us at the forefront of the latest industrial manufacturing facilities.  We have recently invested in the latest Scanning laser fibre cutting machine, offering cutting thicknesses of 35mm makes us one of the UK’s most capable laser specialists.

Our range of CNC folding machines, will fold to accuracies at the sub 100th of a millimeter.  Our offline bending software links with our manufacturing pipeline to give a smooth complication free manufacturing facility.  We can schedule works straight from BIM / MEP application, i.e from drawing to manufacture.

We have TiG welding Pulse MiG and the latest laser welding systems.  Laser welding with stainless gives superior strength and less metal stress, meaning lower heat input, faster welders, lower cleanup and lower costs.

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One of the leading UK sheet metal and ventilation manufacturers.There are many different techniques and methods used in metal fabrication, including welding, machining, and laser cutting. Welding involves melting and fusing metal parts together using high heat and pressure, while machining involves cutting, drilling, or shaping metal using machine tools.Laser cutting is a precise and efficient method of cutting metal into various shapes and sizes, using a high-power laser beam to cut through the material.Popular sheet metal products include ventilation ducts, flashings, gutters, and other construction products.

Metal fabrication is used in a wide range of industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. It is an important part of the production process for many products, from large structures such as bridges and skyscrapers, to smaller components like car parts and electronic devices.

CNC manufacturing is a highly efficient and accurate method of producing parts and products, and it has revolutionized the way many industries operate. CNC manufacturing allows for the creation of highly accurate and complex parts and products with a high degree of repeatability.

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With our modern design software, the latest scanning fiber laser we can accurately cut, engrave, bend and weld all stainless, steel and aluminium metals


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